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Storage Units, Moving Supplies and Moving Tips in Vienna, VA

Make relocating a breeze with moving supplies from Tysons Self Storage in Vienna, Virginia. We have a complete line of discounted moving boxes and packing supplies.

Packing Tips to Make Your Move Smooth

1. Use plenty of shock absorption for fragile items—newspaper, packing paper, and Bubble Wrap™.

With dishes, stack in boxes like in the dishwasher, not on the shelf. If a crack does occur, it won't travel through a whole stack.

2. Tape all three seems on the bottom and the top of your boxes. Double tape the bottom.

3. Keep heavier items, such as books, CDs, and dishes, in smaller boxes. Use small, small-deluxe, or tote boxes for books—each takes about a shelf of books. Use medium boxes for kitchen items and dishes.
4. Our china barrels are double-strength cardboard for protection, which is great for overseas moves — remember to check with your movers about who is responsible if damage occurs when you pack your own boxes.

5. Bubble Wrap™ all frame edges and glass sides of your artwork and mirrors.

6. Avoid wrapping your furniture in tight plastic. Use old sheets or paper pads

(4'x6', $2.00) to keep dust down. You may want to let your furniture breathe. Remove plastic dry cleaner's bags before placing clothes in wardrobes. Use hard plastic storage tubs and trunks or packing boxes for clothes.

Moving and Storing Tips

1. Load your larger items first (especially those that need to be directly on the floor—dining room tables and china cabinets, heavy desks, workout equipment, appliances, etc.). Arrange so that they use the smallest footprint possible to save space. Load smaller items on top, under and around these larger items. Stack as high as possible (we have stepladders you can borrow) to use the full 10' high ceilings. You stack, you save.

2. Load items last that you'll need during your stay, near the unit door.

3. Leave heavier boxes at the bottom of the unit. You can stack four to five boxes high, depending on size and how accessible you need them to be. Install freestanding shelves to increase your use of the 10' high ceilings.

4. Plan to leave about half the unit free for aisles if you need lots of access to most of your goods during your stay. When lifting, use the strength in your legs rather than your back.

5. Drain all hoses when storing washers. Avoid storing any food, liquids (including paint) or flammables (such as gas cans—full or empty).

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